Prevents Illegal Sharing

No one will want to share their copy of your product when it is stamped with their personal details!

More Sales - Bigger Profits

If your products are not easily found on filesharing sites you make more sales and bigger profits.

Protects Single or Multiple PDF's

Whether your product is a single PDF or multiple PDF documents, PDF Watchdog protects them all.


If You Sell or Plan to Sell PDF Information Products Online...

You NEED This...

Whether you like it or not you're losing money from your products getting shared around on black-hat forums and file sharing sites.  And the scary part is that quite often those illegal copies get listed and ranked by the major search engines than your legitimate sales page.  This results in even "normally honest" people finding the illegal copies first and therefore taking the product for free.

And PDF information products are the easiest to copy and the hardest to protect.

Put it to the test... go find a newly launched WSO that is delivered as PDF's... if it was launched more than an hour ago I bet a quick Google search will turn up an illegal copy that you could download.

It's not right...

It's so frustrating...

You've worked hard to produce the product...

It should not distributed for free!

But Now There Is An Answer...

My name is Andy Brocklehurst and I first started selling information online in 1999.  Back than piracy was not a big deal, sure it went on but there weren't the plethora of black hat sites that exist today.  With high speed internet and cheap or even free online storage products are getting pirated faster than ever before... and are easy to find for even the most novice internet user.

For years I have searched for a low-cost, simple solution to protecting PDF files.

I have even created a couple of solutions that solved part of the problem.  But none of them really deterred people from sharing files around or gave a way to catch the perpetrators of these crimes.

The idea for this new method of protection isn't new.  But until now it's taken a costly set of scripts and a good knowledge of how to configure them to make it happen. 

When you're selling a $10 PDF you want to protect it... but not at a cost that exceeds the profits you will make from it!

Then there were free scripts that did a part of the job but they couldn't be easily integrated with popular payment processors like JVZoo, Clickbank, Paypal, etc.  And all of them fell short of doing at least one part of the job.

But what if there was a way of easily adding a layer of protection to every PDF you sold...

Imagine one of scum who thinks it's OK to share around products illegally...

Imagine them purchasing a PDF (or a number of PDF files) from a you...

They make their payment and are taken to a download page as usual...

But when they download the purchased files and open them...

...on every page of every PDF appears their name, their payment email address and transaction ID!

Think about it...

How likely are they to share that file now?

And let's just imagine for a moment that someone was stupid enough to do just that...

Now you have the upper hand of knowing who they are.

  • You can send threaten or take legal action...
  • You can blacklist them so they cannot buy from you again...
  • You could share their details with other vendors who may also blacklist them...
  • Pretty soon it could become almost impossible for them to buy digital content at all!

This is taking the power out of the hands of black hatters and internet thieves and putting the power back in your hands!

Easy to Install PHP Based Solution

PDF Watchdog is written in PHP and runs on most web hosting accounts.  Server requirements below.

Step by Step Tutorial Videos Included

You don't need to know PHP!  Just follow our video tutorials that show you how to configure and install it on your server.

 Several Payment Processor Options.

PDF Watchdog works with JVZoo, Warrior Plus (Standard and Adaptive Payments), Paypal IPN and Clickbank.


PHP Watchdog comes with step-by-step training videos that show how to configure it (really easy), upload it to your web space and then integrate it with your chosen payment processor.  There is even an advanced tips video for those who understand PHP that explains how you can further customize the system and potentially interface with other third party payment processors.

What You Get...

How Much is it?

PDF Watchdog is going to sell for $197 for a single site license.  And the first time you protect a product you are selling we're quite sure it will more than pay for itself.

But... As part of our special launch until December 31st 2014 you can get your multi site license of PDF Watchdog at a THIRD OFF!

PDF Watchdog
(No OTO's or Upsells)

Important:  Money Back Guarantee.
Unlike most products offered to Internet Marketers we do not have a totally unconditional money back guarantee. 
You are expected to have checked the system requirements below before making a purchase.  If your server meets the requirements (a quick email to your host will confirm this is you don't already know) and you cannot get it to run on your server after watching the tutorial videos you can purchase our installation service and have it installed for you.  If we cannot make it work either and your server meets the requirements then we will refund you in full for both the product and the installation.  But if the server meets the specifications... it will work!  There is a link below where you can view the tutorial videos BEFORE you buy so you can be sure that you have the ability to install it.


Optional Installation Service:  If for any reason you find it difficult to install after watching the training videos (unlikely) or if you just want someone else to do it for you we offer an installation service for just $27.  Installations are usually carried out within 72 hours of booking.

Server Requirements:  PDF Watchdog requires that your web server has PHP 5.x with the Image Magick Extension installed.  Most Web Hosts have this as standard but if you are unsure please check with your web hosting provider before purchase.  Most web hosts will be happy to install Image Magick for you if it is not already on your server.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are the scripts encypted?

Answer: Only two of the files we supply are encrypted.  But there is NOTHING in them that you would need to edit or change anyway.  If you are an advanced user all of the main PHP files are supplied in editable form meaning you can customize or integrate the scripts with other systems if you wanted to.

Question: You say we get 12 months of support and updates - what happens after that time?

Answer: You will have the option of paying a small annual fee for updates and support but you are under NO OBLIGATION to do so.  Your scripts will not stop working, you are not prevented from installing further copies as per your license.  But you will not be able to download copies of the script from us (so make sure you have back-ups).

Question: Is there a developer license available?

Answer: No.  If you wish to sell a site that has this installed you will have to purchase an additional license for the new site owner.

Question: I am not happy about not having a totally unconditional money back guarantee.

Answer: Do not purchase then.  Wait for the official launch and pay four times more for the product.  At full launch we may have a more flexible guarantee.  But the guarantee we have ensures you can be confident that it will work if your web host meets the system requirements.

Question: Will this work with Wordpress?

Answer: This is NOT a Wordpress plugin.  But if you have Wordpress installed you can still install this in a subfolder on your domain.  Having wordpress does not prevent you from using this system.

Question: What does the stamped file look like?

Answer: You can see samples here.  This zip file contains several samples.   It is the same documents but stamped in different places and colors.  Or you can CLICK HERE FOR A DEMONSTRATION

Question: Will this work with worldpay/payza/insert other payment gateway name here?

Answer: It can be modified to work with them but does not do so "out of the box".  If you have PHP experience or know someone who has it is a simple task to create a script based on the ones we supply to make it work with other gateways.

Question: Can you do xyz customisation for me?

Answer: We will happily provide a quotation for custom jobs.

Question: Can I see the tutorial videos ahead of purchase so I can see what is involved?

Answer: Yes!  You can view them here.

Question: If I want to take advantage of your installation service, how do I do that?

Answer: Simply open a support ticket at and we will take your details and book a time slot for this to be done.

Question: Are there any One-Time-Offers or upsells?

Answer: No. 


PDF Watchdog